About Us

Jason and Stephanie holding hands in front of a stump growing bright orange mushrooms

Hogswallow Homestead is a small farm and rabbitry run by two nerds, Stephanie and Jason, in Everson Washington, about 40 minutes outside of Bellingham WA. We specialize in breeding Holland Lops for show and for pets. We also have a herd of mixed breed meat rabbits. In addition to raising rabbits, we have several pet dogs and cats. In the long term, we would like to raise sheep, goats, pigs, and perhaps a cow.

Stephanie spends a lot of time training the dogs tricks and working on Rally Obedience and other dog sports. She is a web developer and also has many hobbies, including knitting, sewing, weaving, various other needle crafts, hobby electronics, video games, playing the flute, roller skating, and reading. She has two other websites that don't get updated very often, and is most "active" on Instagram. She's also got a TikTok she posts videos to occasionally.

Jason manages the homestead, and is always working on new projects and building new things for around the property. Being a private person, he doesn't have much of an online presence!