Bellatrix, a natural eared doberman laying on her gray and white kelpie brother, Obadon

Bellatrix is our one-year-old (as of August 2021) Doberman Pinscher. Also known as "Trixy B" and the "The Weenie," Bellatrix is above all else a big baby. She has a very sweet, gentle, and cautious demeanor. She is very friendly towards new people. She does not love meeting new dogs, as she's convinced they're out to get her. She is inclined to flight more than fight. Given enough time, she tends to come around.

She does get along very well with her siblings. Obadon brought her under his wing very early on and they are best buddies. Calliope is less fond of Bellatrix, though Bellatrix tries very hard to get in her good favor. Intimidated by Rytherck's might at first, Bellatrix has also learned that he is a friend... though she still isn't quite certain how she's supposed to play with a dog that weighs as much as her pinky toe.

Bellatrix has the worst gas of any dog that Jason and Stephanie have ever owned, which is apparently not uncommon for her breed. Different diets have affected this trait, but the food that worked best to curb the farts was also food that Bellatrix found the least palatable and refused to eat after a time. So comprises were made, and now Bellatrix has a diet that she likes, that only produces somewhat bad smelling gas in somewhat continuous volumes.

As a young puppy, Bellatrix's enthusiasm for training rivaled Obadon's and she learned lots of obedience and tricks very quickly. As she's matured, she's taken a slightly more askance view of the practice, and tends to lose interest after about 5 minutes. So training sessions are kept short, and we use the environment for a lot of upkeep on her obedience cues. Thankfully, she is a very well-behaved girl, and doesn't have any major behavioral issues to speak of! (Though she has destroyed at least one sandal.)