Calliope, a long haired white medium sized dog
White fluffy dog sticking head through a small cat door

Jason and Stephanie got Calliope in 2012, and she is the first dog they got together as a couple. Although Stephanie picked Calliope out from the shelter, she quickly became very attached to Jason and has always made her preference quite clear. Not that she's a jerk to Stephanie... They just both know that if they both were to call her from opposite directions at the same time, there's no question as to who she'd run to.

Stephanie spent their first eight years together convinced she was a border collie mix, but it turns out that's only marginally true. She's actually mostly Australian Shepherd and Cattle Dog, which really, does match her personality and behavior.

Calliope is very smart and knows a handful of tricks, but more importantly always knows where she's supposed to be and what she's supposed to be doing. While she is too anxious to take out socially, she is a very easy dog to have around day-to-day... except when she chooses to engage in her favorite activity of rolling in poop 😱