Tabby and white cat looking contented with eyes closed

Canyon is our pretty kitty, an independent lady. She is super sweet and love-y when she is in the mood, but likes to do her own thing most of the time. AnĀ  excellent hunter, she and Hunson Abadeer do a lot to keep the mouse, shrew, and vole population around the house in check.

While Canyon occasionally likes to venture out with us on walks around the property, she tends to miss out for being preoccupied with other business. She would live outside full time if we allowed, but we do insist the cats come inside by curfew (dinner time) to help balance the risk-benefit ratio of outdoor cat living.

Canyon loves the dogs, Calliope in particular. When Canyon was still learning to follow us on walks, sometimes she would get stuck. At some point we realized that if we brought Calliope around to where Canyon could see her, Canyon would continue following us. If only Calliope reciprocated her love! (She doesn't.)