Hunson Abadeer

Tuxedo cat on a bulldozer

Hunson Abadeer is full of personality, and is the living cat embodiment of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is our best and worst cat, our sweetest and most ornery cat. One moment he will be furiously making biscuits on my belly (with all 4 paws mind you) and the next he is grumpily swatting away my attempts at reciprocal affection. He is our only cat who is social and will approach guests to say hello, though you'll have to earn his trust before he'll let you touch him.

Hunson is an adventure cat to the core. He almost never misses out on a walk, unless he happens to be hunting out of earshot at the time of departure. While we limit our walks to our property, I have no doubt that he would be up for longer treks in the wider world given the opportunity.

He is also very food motivated. He will come running from a quarter mile away if he hears the dinner bell ring. He could easily learn tricks, if his mother would get her act together and stop spending all her time training the dogs.

Speaking of dogs, while Hunson Abadeer is half dog in personality, he could easily do without them. While Marceline and Canyon are both apt to flee an oncoming  dog (a dog that happens to be running by mind you—our dogs are not allowed to chase the cats) Hunson Abadeer will stand his ground. Through the use of positive punishment methods, he has trained the dogs to give him a wide berth.