Small black cat in the woods

Marceline, aka the Cuddle Queen, aka Little Tiny Thing (LTT), is the sweetest and most shy of the cats. Visitors rarely spot her, as she is a master at hiding when strangers are present. She loves cuddling and getting pet by Stephanie, though, and is the youngest cat, and therefore Stephanie's baby and (don't tell the others) favorite. She is a bit more wary of Jason, who she views as a bit of a wild card in his movements and actions. She will accept affection from him under the right circumstances, but will flee from him for seemingly innocuous reasons whose motivations are only clear to Marceline.

Despite her being rather flighty and shy, she is also quite the adventure cat. She makes it on a good number of walks, and in recent months has been more apt to go out on walks than Canyon. She is actually quite good at following along, though she has been known to disappear into a bush and require doubling-back upon realization that she has disappeared from the line-up.