Gray and white dog with white and light blue ribbons sitting on hind legs

Obadon is a Hangin' Tree Cowdog/kelpie mix. One of his parents was a registered Hangin' Tree, and the other was half Hangin' Tree and half kelpie. He could also just be considered a border collie/kelpie/aussie/catahoula mix. Heavy emphasis on the border collie/kelpie.

Obadon is whip smart and a super genial dog. He is always happy to meet new people and new dogs, and he loves to learn new tricks. He knows around 80 different cues and picks up new tricks and behaviors very quickly. He has his Trick Dog Performer title, and will be earning his Trick Dog Elite Performer title as soon as Stephanie stops being lazy and choreographs a routine for him!

Obadon and Stephanie work together on training every day, and they're trying out different dog sports to see what works for both of them. Obadon has his Rally Novice title, but he and Stephanie both decided that Rally may not be the sport for them... at least not right now. (It's just a little too much heeling and not enough variety!)

In summary, Obadon is a very, very good boy.


Full Name

Obadon Lailoken Bumbledore RN CGC TKP